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Handle with care All those gorgeous colors, but what do they mean? Do you know how much your jewelry is worth? So why the diamond?

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Handle with care
by Linda Mandel

Although the diamond is known as the hardest substance known to man, it needs to be properly cared for to keep its’ beauty and shine. The daily build-up of soap and cosmetics and the oils from your skin can dull your beautiful jewelry so if you wear your diamond everyday, it’s even more important to care for it properly.

Professional Cleaning – This is the best way to care for your precious jewelry. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to have your jewelry check the mounting and make sure the prongs or other settings are not getting loose.

Detergent Bath – The simplest way to clean your diamond is to let it set in a small bowl of warm, sudsy water. You can use any mild household detergent. Use a soft brush to clean your stone and the setting while it is in the water. Rinse....

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